How T-Mobile is transforming with Conga

Will Spendlove

June 18, 2019
t mobile presentation about conga composer and conga courier

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As head of Product Marketing, I have the opportunity to meet with customers from all over the world and hear about their businesses, their challenges, and how companies like Conga are helping them transform into more successful organizations. Last month at our Connect conference I spent time on the stage with a few of them and wanted to share one particular story that inspired me. That company is T-Mobile. 

T-Mobile is the third largest wireless company in America, and their T-Mobile for Business division is a Conga customer. Jenifer Robertson, Sr Program Manager for Salesforce, joined me on stage and discussed how their business is thriving in part because of their investment with Conga. They are currently using our Conga Composer product to deliver sales proposals to their business clients.

t mobile presentation about conga composer and conga courier

Business challenges for T-Mobile

Jenifer opened up about T-Mobile for Business, and how they discovered they needed to make a change to address some tough business challenges. They needed to solve for one issue in particular that was resulting in lost business. Their sales proposals were missing key information—business customers were not able to see promotional pricing in the proposals, so sales reps were essentially asking the customers to trust them with data that wasn’t visible.

Why they chose Conga

T-Mobile for Business was already using Conga to send out PDFs and flyers to customers, and was familiar with the document generation capabilities. After speaking with their account manager about this other sales pain point, they realized they could use Conga as a solution here, too.

Adding on this use case to their Conga solution was a breeze—the proposal updates were fast and easy. Jenifer said, “I can ask one of T-Mobile’s Admins to load a new offer and it happens in less than 5 minutes. Conga gives us the power to use clicks and not code.”

Best practices for T-Mobile

Today, T-Mobile for Business uses Conga to send all customer and prospective customer proposals. Internally, they also use Conga to send Salesforce reports to their finance team for visibility into what is being quoted to customers. In addition, they leverage Conga Composer to provide their partner teams with reports created directly from Salesforce data, and delivered in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

I’m excited about what T-Mobile for Business is doing today with Conga, and am excited to continue to work with Jenifer on more cool use cases.

Will Spendlove leads Conga's product marketing organization.

Will Spendlove

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