A day in the life of EMEA marketing

Kelli Blystone

December 02, 2019
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At Conga, our team culture is a core part of who we are as a company. We think Conga is a great place to work, and we want to share our experiences—and our team!—with the world. In our Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing readers to the talented folks in the Conga offices, and sharing how they’re finding success on this high-growth, fast-paced team.

Today we’re talking to Natalie Lane to learn more about how she manages our marketing efforts in EMEA.

Name: Natalie Lane        
Title: EMEA Marketing Director

How long have you worked at Conga? Why did you decide to join the team?

I’ve been at Conga for over two years now, which in Conga years equates to at least a decade, especially in EMEA where three-quarters of the team joined since January! I decided to join the team for a few different reasons, the first being the professional opportunity. The Digital Transformation trend was really taking off and I wanted to remain within the Salesforce space, so it seemed like a logical step! 

Another key reason was the focus the company has on trust and freedom: Conga gave me the responsibility to come in and set up a new department from scratch and really encouraged me to experiment and try new things to see what works for the local team and market! Not many businesses are willing to put that much faith in a new starter.

How would you describe the culture on your team?

I’m really committed to giving my team the same experience I have at Conga: trust, openness, access to leadership, empowerment, and being treated as an equal. We are a team of three and all have an equal voice—everyone is free to share thoughts, ideas, complaints, challenges, successes. We’re in this together, so we win together or we learn from our mistakes together. We have a huge amount of work to do but we support each other and try and have some fun along the way! 

You just wrapped up Conga Connect Europe in London—what was your favorite part of the event? What would you do differently next time?

Conga Connect is a huge event for us every year. As the team has grown locally we have been able to take on more of the event organisation piece and really get creative. This year we launched our local Conga Champions Awards and although it was a whirlwind of stress getting it off the ground, my team member, Kathrin, did an amazing job and it was the highlight of the week! Being able to recognise our customers and partners for their work was very rewarding, and it was a really fun night with good food, good drinks, and even better company.

Next year I would focus on providing even more support and learning opportunities for our customers: more Conga University sessions, more demo stations, more tips and tricks. Our support team is world class, so I’d love to showcase them even more.

What are you most proud of in the work you've achieved at Conga?

Building and enabling my team. We work so well together and are right at the centre of the EMEA business which is awesome—we get to support and see so much from where we sit and interact across the ecosystem with Salesforce, partners, customers and prospects. Together we achieve amazing things and I can’t wait to see what we achieve next!

How do you stay connected to your U.S. and APAC teammates?

Working across time zones is always difficult, especially when it’s as significant as seven or even eight hours. For me it’s all about communication: we are lucky that Conga have invested in so many different channels so there is always a way for the EMEA Marketing team to connect and stay present with our U.S. and APAC counterparts. 

My favourite feature is in Slack: when you write or receive a message you can set a reminder for Slackbot to alert you to the message again in 20 mins/an hour/tomorrow/next week. This is a life saver when I get out-of-hours messages to make sure I don’t forget anything! We are also very lucky that Conga supports us travelling across offices when there is a business case for it, so I try and get team members over to us in London, or we go State-side so we can get some face time!

You’ve added new marketing teammates in the London office this year, and opened an office in Paris—what do you envision for the future of Conga marketing in EMEA?

We have been very busy in EMEA over the past year, building the business and becoming more international. It’s so important for us to support our customers and partners fully in language in France and Germany as a minimum, so we will continue with that focus. I would love for us to further build out the French, German, and UK marketing teams, so that we can really engage with our customers, prospects, and partners in these regions through more comprehensive assets and resources! 

How do you like to spend your time outside of Conga?

Outside of Conga I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I usually have a very busy social calendar as I try and keep as up-to-date as possible with everyone in my life. I also love to travel—I’ve been to five out of the seven continents and am always researching where to go next and planning out travel itineraries! I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and to explore as much of life as possible, and I’ve actually took my very first flying lesson a few weekends ago! 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received, and why?

My favourite piece of advice and something I try to live by is that the outcome of an effort, success or failure, doesn’t matter as long as you have genuinely tried your best. This can be applied wherever you are and to whatever you are doing. Having a true sense of achievement and fulfilment, and pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself is crucial to personal and professional growth.

If you’re interested in a career where you’ll be empowered to work in a trusting, open environment with access to leadership, check out our open roles and see where you fit on the Conga team.

Kelli Blystone

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