Lack of face-to-face interaction means an eSignature solution is now a must-have

Joe Marshall

September 23, 2020

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As we reflect on the last six months, a few of our “new normals” are widely accepted and, for the most part, fairly simple. Have a meeting? Use Zoom. Need a new hobby? Make a sourdough starter. Going to the store? Wear a mask.

Those actions have become easy givens in a world where other answers might be less clear. When we look at the changes we’ve had to make to create efficient remote work environments, the case for deploying an eSignature solution is not unclear, but rather an easy given as well. 

The good old days

If I were writing this blog post in February, before the days of depending on Zoom, learning to bake bread, and wearing a mask in public, I would’ve talked about the following Conga Sign key features:

Essential to digital transformation
Electronic signature integration creates organization-wide benefits and concrete gains for companies that have adopted these technologies, making it an essential component of Digital Document Transformation (DDX).

Boosts efficiency with time savings
An eSignature solution saves time by sending secure documents to all stakeholders, without the time it takes to print, sign a hard copy with a pen, and scan it.

Integrates with your tech stack
Using an eSignature saves the cost of printing, copying, scanning, and storing documents. A modern solution like Conga Sign that integrates flawlessly with your CRM and document generation solution is quick to implement. Once in place, Sign will give back a significant chunk of valuable labor time, freeing employees up to spend time on higher-value initiatives or to sell more—creating fast ROI. 

Safe and secure
Conga Sign also sends sensitive information with robust security protections. Sign meets industry-recognized physical and technological security standards that guarantee secure transactions, while remaining easy to use and quick to implement.

These points are as valid and true today, but the need for an eSignature solution is much more pressing today.

Here’s why. 

In-person meetings don’t happen

To keep stakeholders safe, meeting in person for a wet signature isn’t as likely as it once was. If you need to sign contracts in this COVID world, the safest option is an eSignature solution.

In the same way meetings became synonymous with Zoom, document signings are now synonymous with eSignature. 

Sure, I guess you could mail the contract from one stakeholder to another, waiting days for them to review, sign, send it back in the mail—and then on to the next stakeholder. This is a step back in an organization’s digital transformation, though, in a time where moving forward in transformation is even more critical.

The traditional reasons to implement an eSignature haven’t disappeared because of this new set of business complications No, these complications  have only created a greater need for the ability to sign contracts remotely, while also allowing organizations to satisfy the tested benefits of an eSignature. This is a business solution going from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have tool (while still providing all of the nice-to-have benefits).

What’s next?

In a year of wholly unexpected events, It’s even more apparent that making an investment in your organization’s digital transformation is critical to being ready for any possible tomorrow. Conga Sign ties together your documents and contracts seamlessly, allowing for more efficient processes. 
In years past, it was great to have the option to meet in person to physically sign a contract. But signing in person is a luxury we now can’t have, making it even more critical to upgrade your document and contract processes with Conga Sign.

Already have an eSignature solution? Not sure it’s worth it to make a change? We’ve got you covered. Conga Sign went from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have”—and now it’s something you can have. We’re pleased to offer new customers up to 12 months of free eSignature* (learn more about this deal and full details and restrictions here). 

Now is the time to flip the switch, and Conga can help you make the change with ease.

Joe Marshall

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