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Your success is our mission.

Customers come first. Every single time.

Conga users will tell you themselves—we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the care and success of our customers. They’ve shouted it from the rooftops in more than 1,500 five-star reviews and validated it in our NPS of 71. The love goes both ways—we’re really fond of our customers, too.

Kickin' it at Conga.
We bring core values to life.

At Conga, we simplify and automate documents, contracts, and eSignature, but really, we’re all about our customers. We take customer success personally and the Conga difference lies in the values that shape our culture. Our core values drive everything we do, every day.  

5-Star value

We strive to deliver 5-Star value in every interaction. We define success as mutually beneficial outcomes that delight our community of customers, partners, and employees.

Adapt to win

Faced with inevitable change, we succeed by humbly challenging the status quo. We embrace our roles as change agents and our responsibility to continually raise the bar on our products, services, and ourselves.

Desire for knowledge

We inherently create knowledge sharing in every conversation. Through an environment focused on problem solving, we empower individuals to take initiative and make decisions.

Passion with a purpose

We thrive in an environment where collaboration knows no boundaries. We persistently work to discover the next innovation to drive meaningful impact on the lives of our customers, partners, and employees.

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