Financial Services

Bank on efficient financial document management.

Gain time to spend on client relationships.

In the finance industry, your clients need your help to navigate uncharted waters. But it’s hard to  cultivate client relationships and build needed trust when you’re buried in paperwork and inefficient processes. Conga provides streamlined financial document and contract management, so you can devote more time to growing relationships—and your business. 

Make your business accurate and agile with Conga. 

We are living in uncertain times, and your clients want to know they can count on your transparency and engagement to help them reach their goals. Above all, they want to know they can trust you. How can you give them that attention when you have to spend so much time managing your financial documents and contracts? See how the power and simplicity of Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite can help you manage all of that paperwork, and give you time to better manage client relationships. 

See for yourself.
The customer comes first—that’s the bottom line.

Your clients rely on your expertise and capabilities, now more than ever. Give them the ROI and high-touch experience they expect, thanks to more efficient document processes.

Engage your clients

Merge Salesforce data into highly tailored, data-rich proposals that keep clients informed—and engaged. Also, communicate in real time with consolidated, up-to-date information stored in a central repository.

Streamline your contracts

Efficient, integrated contract management accelerates and simplifies agreements, so you can complete financial forms, contracts, and applications quicker with fewer errors. Then seal them with eSignature.

Step up your security

Protect sensitive client and institutional data while complying with the latest laws and industry regulations. Our commitment to security gives you confidence while delivering the level of protection your business requires.

Every company has a story.

We’re lucky to work with cool organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations, including those financial services firms featured here, and many others. See how we’re helping them turn documents, contracts, and eSignatures into a competitive edge.


What is financial document management?

Financial document management means using software to automate document creation and process steps. This cuts out a lot of manual, administrative tasks that financial services professionals have to do that take away from cultivating relationships with clients and prospects.

How can financial document management help my institution?

As a highly regulated industry, financial services involves spending significant time and resources to keep up with paperwork. Financial institutions compete better when they offer a full portfolio of services, and when they communicate often and accurately with their clients. These things require processing a wide variety of forms and other documents quickly and securely. Financial document management allows organizations to produce and manage all necessary documents more efficiently, while freeing up bandwidth to spend time deepening relationships with clients.

What is financial contract management?

With software, it is easier for institutions to efficiently manage and automate all of their financial contracts and agreements. The many steps that are required to create and maintain a legally binding contract can be initiated, tracked, and recorded with financial contract management software. This streamlines processes for financial services professionals and their clients, alike, and ensures accuracy, security, and compliance.

Does electronic signature work for financial services?

Think of all of the financial forms, applications, and contracts that have to be signed in order to be finalized. In most cases, they can be signed using electronic signature (or eSignature). This allows financial services professionals to request, collect, and record secure, authenticated signatures digitally and instantly. No more pen and ink, faxing, emailing, or snail mailing sensitive documents. The eSignature software also records an audit trail in the CRM, for easy compliance.