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Reduce paperwork.
Focus on care.

Free yourself from medical document management.

Now more than ever, you simply cannot divert energy or resources away from pressing needs and better outcomes. Manual medical document management holds you up when you can least afford it. Automate those tasks with Conga's end-to-end solutions, streamlining daily operations and managing care more effectively. It will benefit the people who matter most: your patients.

Conga can help you evolve quicker than you thought possible

We can't tell you what the future holds, but we can tell you how we can help get you there: By digitizing your manual paperwork and automating the established processes holding you up. We're talking about administrative labor costing you valuable time that could be spent with your patients. Check out our demo and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite for some insight on boosting your organization's health through efficiency. 

See for yourself.
Devote time to patients, not paperwork.

Inefficiency is a luxury you can’t afford right now. Our proven solutions streamline workflows and save time, so that your patients come before healthcare document management.

More care

Spend more time caring for patients  and less time bogged down in error-prone paperwork. Digitize patient consent, privacy policy notifications, release information, and more. With consistent, accurate contracts and documents, you can prioritize what matters most.

More compliance

Healthcare regulations haven’t gone away, even as healthcare workers are on the frontlines. We can help you improve compliance across your offices, clinics, and hospitals with a complete, automated audit trail, so providers don’t have to think about it.

More confidence

Work with one, up-to-date patient record and access it securely from any location. Knowing anyone who touches a record is working from a “single source of truth” gives confidence and ensures patients are getting the best possible care at all times.

Every company has a story.

We’re lucky to work with cool organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations, including those featured here and many others. See how we’re helping them turn documents, contracts, and eSignatures into a competitive edge.