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Automate documents to meet the challenges of a changing world

Among the many future unknowns, you’re likely sure of one thing: digitization is key. From the bill of materials to sales agreements, automation reduces your dependency on manual paperwork processes, so you can cut costs and boost efficiency. But getting there isn’t easy. Compliance regulations, growing customer expectations, inventory and capacity constraints mean there’s no yellow brick road. Plus, you need accurate data and better processes for a better customer experience to gain a competitive edge.

Learn how Conga can help your business overcome -the unique obstacles and meet -your critical needs. 

Digital Transformation is here. Are you ready?

The question for manufacturers isn’t when to transform, but where to start. Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite can help get you from mass production to customized production.

You know you need to transform your documents to deliver clean, accurate, and personalized messaging to your customers and partners, but where do you start?

Let Conga's Digital Document Transformation Suite do the heavy lifting for you to help your company move to the next level.

Learn how Conga can help your business overcome your unique obstacles and meet your critical needs.

You’re ready. Learn how we can help.
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Streamlining and automating your document processes will take the pressure off. What else can you do with the time you spend on your contracts, compliance, and accuracy?

Automate contracts and documents

Reduce cycle times and speed up delivery times.  Boost efficiency when the entire organization is on the same page, reducing the time it takes to execute on your sales contracts with pre-built templates and accurate contract language and terms. And cutting out manual contract works cuts out errors and speeds up execution.

Protect yourself from risk

Work confidently knowing the legal language in your documents is correct, compliant, and up-to-date.

Then sign, seal, and deliver it from anywhere with an eSignature that includes an audit trail, tracking, and legally-binding results.

More accurate data and documents

Rest assured that your data is always correct, each and every time and on every document throughout your process. No need to check that you’ve got the most current contract terms and shipping agreements, or the most accurate customer contracts, distribution forms, and more. Plus, transaction data is stored and available in your system of record.

Every company has a story.

We’re lucky to work with cool organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations, including those featured above and many others. See how we’re helping them turn documents, contracts, and eSignatures into a competitive edge.