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High tech

When automation leads to innovation.

Fed up with being bogged down? We hear ya.

Automate your workflows through Digital Document Transformation and achieve a new level of efficiency that gives you the flexibility—and time—needed to innovate the Next Big Thing.

High Tech requires high efficiency.

You can’t churn out the best stuff if an inefficient, time consuming process keeps throwing a wrench in your machine. Conga offers automation solutions to help you stay a step ahead of the process, so your most powerful ideas are always unchained.

Automate contracts and proposals

Put contracts and proposals on the fast track with pre-approved templates and language libraries that ensure accuracy. You can easily share documents with workflow routing approvals and track every action taken, from creation and edits to approval and distribution.

Streamline workflows and deals

Close deals faster when you can automate routine paperwork. You’ll stay a step ahead of the competition when you can speed up customer communications and improve the responsiveness of your entire workforce.

Boost consistency and accuracy

Access everything you need in a single repository, from templates to custom contracts and more. Work confidently knowing information is accurate, and deliver a consistent brand experience to customers across all your documents.

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41% of CEOs see their companies as innovation pioneers — the most bullish since 2013.

Every company has a story.

We’re lucky to work with cool organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations, including those featured here and many others. See how we’re helping them turn documents, contracts, and eSignatures into a competitive edge.

See for yourself.

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Check out our demo and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite.