Forrester TEI

A powerful contract lifecycle management solution can save more than $2.2 million over three years.

Your organization will not only save time and money with a powerful contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool, but it can actually help you accelerate your business, and therefore boost revenue. That amounts to a pretty impressive return on your investment. We know this because a comprehensive Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, commissioned by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Conga, examined just how much a business stood to gain from employing a robust (CLM) solution.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a look at this very quantifiable ROI.

The methodology: How the study was conducted

It’s one thing to say our products are hugely beneficial, and another to show that. The TEI does just that.


The TEI interviewed three different organizations that implemented Conga Contracts or Conga Contracts for Salesforce, each with a different volume of document needs, to learn what they experienced over a three-year period after utilizing a CLM solution.

Then, they created a composite organization based on the feedback from those three organizations—a superregional bank, research firm, and governor’s office agency—to learn more about the impact.

The composite is a midsize organization with:

in revenue tied to contracts

active contracts

new contracts annually

contract renewals each year

Save time (and therefore $$$)

The amount of money saved over three years of contract request management.

$ 148 K

The three-year time and cost savings on managing contract renewal and revisions.

$ 443 K

How much money the organization saved in contract creation costs over a three-year time period by increasing volume and decreasing legal savings on managing contract renewal and revisions.

$ 492 K

When you break it down, Conga Contracts has a huge impact on reducing risk and saving money, time, and energy by automating—and therefore eliminating—the work no one really wants to do anyway.

Shrink your in-house legal demands

Boost Revenue

The amount of revenue growth directly attributable to Conga.

$1.2M - $4.7M

The three-year present-value operating margin of new revenue growth the composite company experienced.


What does this all amount to?
Well, we’ll tell you what:

The astoundingly high return on investment Conga customers saw.

The total amount saved over three years by automating contracts, drastically reducing in-house lawyer fees and, ultimately, increasing revenue.

$ 2.2 M

Download the full Total Economic Impact study today to learn more about how to receive an incredible return on investment and save millions of dollars—by employing Conga’s CLM solutions.