Sales Agents of Change

How sales and sales ops superheroes are digitally transforming through everyday documents.

Digital Transformation, or DX, is everywhere. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity that’s changing every profession. Sales and sales ops are going through DX to stay competitive, meet new demands, and keep up with customer expectations. Finding effective methods to transform is essential to success. Otherwise, DX can be an extended, expensive process with mixed results.

Sales Agents of Change are superheroes, finding approaches to catapult their organizations forward with workable DX initiatives. They have found focus and created meaningful advances through everyday documents.

How are sales and sales ops making the changes needed to transform? What benefits and challenges have they encountered? Where are they finding success?

Taking on Digital Transformation


of our sales superheroes’ companies have a Digital Transformation strategy.

Every company has to overcome the difficulty of digitally transforming to be successful and stay competitive.



of those DX initiatives are successful.

But it's a dangerous mission. Companies undertake Digital Transformation in many different ways, and it can be like boiling the ocean. It's hard to do well, and hard to get it right.


of these companies have seen at least one major benefit from their DX strategies.

Even with limited success, DX creates meaningful change. But there's a lot of benefit they could be getting but aren't yet, with only partial success.


believe that documents are the key to finding a workable, effective way to digitally transform.

There’s an effective way to navigate the turbulent seas of Digital Transformation: through your everyday documents. This is what we call Digital Document Transformation, or DDX.

Where sales feels the pain.

Sales is always ready to do what it takes to make the sale. But sometimes this means that, in the name of closing sales now, they forget DX best practices that will lead to big long-term payoffs. This can make DDX—that’s the journey to DX via everyday documents—difficult.



of sellers strongly agree they could be happier with document processes in their organizations (more than the other personas).

Seller habits that cause transformation trouble:

Sales departments are more likely than others to use these manual methods and outdated technologies:

Store papers in filing cabinets

38 %

Send paper documents via express delivery or messenger service

35 %

Sign documents with ink signatures

31 %

Copy and paste into a previous version to make a new version

29 %

Manually generate and review every contract, even standard ones

29 %

Pass paper documents hand to hand and mail them

26 %

Still use typewriters

13 %

The pain caused by doing things the old way:

Need better access to the critical data hidden in their documents

41 %

Feel it’s critical to include better, more consistent customer interactions and experience

40 %

Waste time looking for, creating, sending, and tracking documents and contracts

38 %

Why does it matter?

Because 83% of sales and sales ops Agents of Change feel they could focus on more strategic work if their organization implemented Digital Document Transformation more effectively.

Many sales departments are already well on the way to making meaningful change with DDX.

Are working to ensure data accuracy

48 %

Are automating processes and reducing administrative or support tasks

45 %

Are improving visibility into progress and workloads

43 %

While there are some contradictions in how sales departments are approaching DDX, they are still seeing a lot of improvement. Even with mixed results, sales departments are making meaningful progress on the Digital Transformation journey.

Here’s where sales professionals are seeing greatest benefits when it comes to DDX.


Believe DDX has or will put them ahead of the competition.


Report the top benefit experienced is cost savings.


Have seen increased sales as a result of their DX strategy.

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