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Invoices and receipts

Get paid faster

Conga Composer® gives you the ability to automatically create invoices and receipts by merging data directly from Salesforce® into a fully-configurable Microsoft Office® template. Generate precise invoice documents in the format of your choice, then use customizable HTML emails for direct delivery to your customers for a streamlined solution. Take the automation even further with Conga Batch and Conga Trigger to email invoices and due date reminders in scheduled batches or via Salesforce workflow rules with no direct user interaction.

Why use a Conga solution to create and send invoices?
Clearly communicate with detailed invoices that are fully customized to your business
  • Utilize fully-configurable templates for complex, dynamic content including images, tables and global languages/currencies.
  • Dynamically group standard or custom line items.
  • Conditionally display or hide content based on your business rules.
  • Send customized emails and documents simultaneously.
Be consistent and never send duplicate invoices or receipts again
  • Automatically log activities and update fields in Salesforce.
  • Store invoices or receipts in Salesforce as attachments, Chatter posts or Content records.
Increase operational efficiency by fully automating your invoice and renewal process
  • Automatically create and send invoices, receipts and payment reminders via event-driven workflow or batched and scheduled solutions.
geometric shapes design
See for yourself.

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