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workflow automation

Simplify your business processes.

Conga’s workflow automation system allows you to program and simplify your workflows in minutes.  Create custom workflows using our visual process builder, identify potential bottlenecks with our dynamic reports, and automate report deliveries to easily monitor business processes, all sans-code.

Why automate?

  • Benefit from AI-powered data insights
  • Mitigate risk of error
  • Lower company costs
  • Focus on the work that counts
  • Reduction in repetitive, manual tasks
  • Auditable transaction trail for transparency
See for yourself.
Less data entry, more data insights.

Make your processes work for you, not the other way around.  Conga’s workflow automation features keep your processes up-to-date and organized. View and edit workflow steps with visual process maps and use our advanced reporting tools to discover insights that improve your workflows.


Manually building multi-step workflows is costly and often leads to mistakes and slows progress.  The solution? Automated workflows. Conga’s automation can handle even the most complex workflow processes across various business applications, saving you time where you need it most.  Easily visualize, create, and edit workflows to fit your team’s unique data requirements.