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Intelligent Contracts

Intelligent contracts for a digital world

Streamline your contract lifecycle management for efficiency and insights

End-to-end CLM for your business

Contracts are crucial to every business. That’s a point of universal agreement. But contract processes can slow you down if they are complicated, time-consuming, manual, or hard to track.

With Conga’s intelligent contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions for a digital world, say goodbye to slow, disjointed contract processes. Our end-to-end CLM automates key contracting steps to give you faster cycle times, lower risk, and happier customers.

What can you do with intelligent contracts?
Put negotiations on the fast track

Streamline contract creation and negotiation for better outcomes and faster cycle times. Your teams will have more time for strategic work. Plus, your customers will be happier, both inside and outside your organization.

Unify contracts and processes

Our solutions can connect every step in the contract lifecycle, from request to renewal. Better automation means less work and greater transparency. Plus integrations to other systems make contracting even more seamless.

Minimize risk

Stay compliant and mitigate contractual risks —while discovering ways to step up your processes and reduce costs. As your CLM processes continually improve and mature, you’ll see risk dwindle even more.

See for yourself.

Websites are full of words that tell you things. And that’s great. But sometimes you just need to see how stuff works. So we made a demo for those occasions. We’d love to show it to you.

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With Conga Contracts, we have a variety of pre-approved custom document templates, a Clause Library, and strategic workflows that make creating, distributing, and completing contracts faster and easier than ever.

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