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Work online, securely, and in real time.

Easier document creation, sharing, and more.

Simplify how you work with digital documents every day. Collaborate to create accurate online documents, share, store, and track how customers engage. You’ll move faster and be more efficientplus, you’ll transform your business processes. 

Collaboration, pure and simple.
Every step just got easier.

Set up document templates, workflows, and approvals. Use wizard-based document creation so your documents meet the unique needs of your business and your customers. 

Share and collaborate on documents securely, and in real time. Work with anyone, inside or outside your company. Plus, documents are easy to find and keep safe in a central, secure cloud repository.

Always know the status of your document with real-time notifications and in-depth analytics that show you who is viewing your document–instantly. See what content interests them most so you can follow up at the right time and personalize your sales conversations.

Send interactive documents.

With Collaborate, create interactive documents to grab a larger share of attention. When you embed videos, images, and dynamic forms, your documents will be engaging and get your point acrossfast. 

Sharing your documents is quick and simple. Just send a secure, unique link that your customers can use to view documents online, anytime and anywhere, from any device. Say goodbye to bulky email attachments and file size limitations.

Say goodbye to documents that disappear into a black hole once they’re sent. You can track and review how your customers engage with the documents you send and be notified when they do. Get emails, texts, custom alerts, and reports, or all of the above. And the whole process can be mobile, for you and your customers.

Take care of housekeeping automatically. Instantly save documents and update key fields in your CRM or other system of record, so you don’t have to do it by hand. Powerful integrations make it easy to work with the platforms you already use.

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Initially, I fell in love with Collaborate more for the presentation than the tracking, until we started to use it. The sales team was blown away by the tracking capabilities, and adoption was instant.

Michael Crafton
CEO, Nelbud Services Group
Pricing built for your company.

Collaborate pricing starts at $50 USD per user per month. 

See for yourself

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Check out our demo and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite.