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Effortless eSignature

Accelerating business is your signature move.

Capture signatures, and revenue.

In every workflow, the last hurdle to be cleared before reaching the finish line is getting a signature on the dotted line. Put an end to those delays and issues with effortless eSignature. You can quickly capture the secure, compliant, and legally binding electronic signatures you need, to keep business moving.

Accelerate your business with Conga. 

We can't tell you what the future holds, but we can tell you how we can help get you there: by digitizing your documents and automating the manual, outdated processes that slow you down. We're talking about administrative labor that costs you valuable time, leads to mistakes, and keeps you from moving forward when you need it most. 

When you transform your operations, it accelerates your business in leaps and bounds. Conga can help you empower your business to modernize revenue generation, simplify and streamline commercial processes, and create better, more efficient customer experiences.

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Start a free trial and see the power—and simplicity—of our eSignature solution.

See for yourself.
What do you get with eSignature?
Check every box.
Secure. Compliant. Legal.

Tie a bow on every agreement and contract by capturing electronic signatures effortlessly—in a matter of minutes. They may be easy to collect, but these signatures mean business. They’re secure. Compliant. Legally binding. So they stand up to the test.

With Conga Sign, rest assured that your online signatures deliver everything you need. Every signing action is part of the audit trail, and signed documents are tamper proof. And when it comes to authentication, we cover many regulated industries.

If you need electronic signature, we’ve got the features you’ll actually use. Signed, sealed, delivered. At a fraction of what other companies charge. Learn more here.

Design how they sign. Any way you need it.

Think of all the different ways you can capture a signature. Sign from any connected device, from virtually anywhere. Get your key documents signed in person or remote, drawn on the screen or typed. With so many options, there's no slowing you down now.

Tailor the signing experience for your customers, branding and customizing just the way you want it. Multiple signers? We’ve got multiple options. For global teams and customers, we offer localization in 9 languages. No translation required.

Once you have it all set just the way you want it, watch how fast it goes. No more slow sales cycles, or contracts and agreements hung up on a signature.


Manage the whole process, no sweat required.

Fold eSignature in and streamline the whole process. Automate contract execution, track status, and create an  audit trail so you can ensure the validity of signatures.

Collecting related data can be as valuable as the signature itself. Why add steps to your workflow to collect related data later when you can collect it at the same time as the signature? Now collect both at once, automatically, as the signing happens, then store that data in Salesforce.

There’s no limit on the kinds of information you can collect. No more manual entry. Just set it and let it run.



What is an eSignature or electronic signature? 
An electronic signature or eSignature is a secure, legally binding signature on a form or contract that is collected digitally, rather than with pen and ink. This allows documents to be signed virtually, and makes the process much quicker, more efficient, and more cost effective than it has been traditionally.

How do you sign a document online?
Documents are sent for online signature via email. To sign a document online, you simply open it, read it through, and then click on the signature line to affirm your consent for the use of eSignature. To sign the document, you can use a pre-typed signature or draw your own on the signature line. Once all parties sign a document, a copy of the final, signed document is sent out via email.

How can eSignatures help my business?
Electronic signatures create many advantages for businesses that use them. They are a more efficient, more cost effective way to gather necessary signatures on critical business documents, agreements, and contracts. They create a better signing experience for customers and they speed up business cycles because they are faster than outdated methods. They are secure and legally binding, at the same time.

Are eSignatures as valid and secure as ink signatures?
Yes, electronic or eSignatures have the same validity as ink signatures, in most cases (and sometimes are considered more authoritative and tamper-resistant). Because sensitive documents and data are encrypted and transmitted behind firewalls, instead of being mailed or emailed, and signers’ identities are authenticated, electronic signatures are often thought to be more secure than ink signatures.

How do you add an electronic signature to your PDF document template?
Once you upload a document, Word or PDF, you can assign signers to it, and drag and drop tags for where signatures will be collected. That way, when the person you email it to opens the document, they simply click on the signature line to affix their signature, just as they would with any other document.