About Us


We place immense value on partnerships and our emphasis on collaboration with additional partners is always growing. Below are some of the partners with whom we’re proud to work.


Salesforce.com is the foundational layer in our business. Our applications, services and support center around Salesforce.com CRM and its platform. We are proud to be a Salesforce Partner.


We offer applications and services directly integrated with Orion using their open API. Orion exists to create technology that frees advisors to connect with their clients and live life following their passions. Learn more.

Quik! Forms

Our integration with Quik’s vast form library powers the form population capabilities of Mix.


Use SendGrid email templates with ProcessComposer Email Alert steps for enhanced tracking, advanced statistics and reporting.


With Mix, submit your merged documents for digital signatures using Signix.

TD Ameritrade

We offer support services for TD Ameritrade Institutional and are actively working on integrations using TDA’s API and notifications platform.

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